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FRP Membrane Housing

Membrane Housings
Manufactured in the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in India, the product is designed and engineered to function under severe operating conditions.

  • The product is designed and engineered by water professionals and technologiests who have been in the industry for more than two decades.
  • Our Membrane Housings are manufactured using finest quality raw materials. Each Membrane Housings is subjected to rigorous in house process quality inspection and hydro testing before shipping.

Available :

  • Complete range for 2.5", 4.0" & 8" diameter
  • End entry type & side entry type
  • Operating pressures up to 1200 psi
  • 40" - one element long to eight elements long
  • Package option with Membranes, Victaulic coupling, pressure gauges

Water Treatment Components

Our FRP products caters to the needs of anti- corrosion industry. & manufactures composites made from engineering plastics like PVC & HDPE, PP, FRP and GRP. We provide solutions to improve productivity, and enhance the life and performance of finished products. Our team is highly qualified and has decades of experience in the fiberglass reinforced plastic industry.

Our FRP/GRP tanks are used for storage of effluents, corrosive chemicals and water. Available in various sizes, these tanks can also be customized to customer requirements, such as Horizontal – dished, Horizontal– flat ends, Vertical – top & bottom flat, Vertical – top dished & bottom flat, Vertical – top conical & bottom flat, Vertical- top open & bottom flat.

Our FRP/GRP tanks are exceptionally strong, rigid and tough but light in weight, thus making transportation, installation and handling easier. These are water repellent and unaffected by severe weather conditions. Our tanks have features such as chemical resistant interiors and exteriors, convenience of modification, modest cost, good aesthetics and are available in a range of colors. These tanks are made from superior quality raw material, silica polyester, resins and fiberglass.

SIZES : 3/4 TO 8

The VC series consist of Cast Iron Victaulic Type ribbed couplings. They are used for connecting grooved end pipes. The cross ribbed constructions supports high working pressure. The EPDM coupler in the glands provides flexibility, contraction and expansion. The style 77 type couplings boasts pressure ratings as high as 1000 psi.

  • We are supplier of all make RO Membrane for both sea & brackish water application.
  • We maintain stocks of few makes like Dow Toray, HYDRAUNOTICS, HYDRAMEM, CSM, LG etc.
  • Sizes : 4 x 40 & 8 x 40
  • Product Range : Brakish Water, Sea Water, Low Energy, HSRO etc.

The FRP Pressure Vessels are made up high performance composite material with filament winding. All Pressure Vessels are 100% corrosion resistant with Thermoplastic Liners of Polyester. These are NSF & PED Certified. These are widely used for Pressure Sand Filters, Softeners, Mixed Bed, De Mineralization and Carbon beds.

Sizes : DIA 8 to 63

The DS series comprises the vast range of Distribution system primarily used as the internals of the FRP tanks. These are made with very high quality plastics with exact pore sizes to suit the application. These Distribution Systems are easy to assemble and install. They assembly consist of finely slotted grooved laterals that allow easy channeling of water to flow without passing the media or resins to the systems. The uniform spacings and grooving allow uniform distribution of water during backwash and service flow.

The Specially designed Vacuum Breaker prevents air lock in the system saving loss of damage of vessels being crack due to vacuum or result leakages in the line.

Configuration :

  • Strainers starting from 14 to 63 with connections from 2.5 threaded to 6 flange.
  • Flow ranging from 1 m3/h3 to 40 m3/h

MPV are made from wear resistant, high hardness ceramic disk that provide longer service life. Innovatively designed, easy to handle, also excellent seal capability preventing internal leakage. By just clockwise and anti clockwise rotating of handle multiple functions can be performed such as filter, back wash, rinse, brine suction Etc.

Product Range :
1/2 to 2.5 - Top & Side Mount valve for Filter and Softener application.

  • Auto Resetting fuse
  • Double ball NRV with PTFE seals
  • Splash proof enclosure
  • Built in air release valve
  • PTFE diaphragm for longer life
  • Adjustable frequency (upto 400 spm)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Melt Blown Spun Filter Cartridges
  • String Wound Depth Filter Cartridges
  • Carbon Filter Cartridges
  • Pleated Filter Cartridges

CONNECTION : 1/2, 3/2, 1 & 1.5 The plastic filter housings are ideally used for wide range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial. These are available in 5", 10" and 20" configuration with both slim for low flow and jumbo for large flo application. The Optional Relief Valve on the inlet of the cap gives ease of air release and prevents vacuum damage and full utilization of the filter elements. The thick side walls give it high pressure ratings. The top seated silicon O rings in the slim and the body fitted double O rings in the Jumbo makes it Leak Proof even at high pressure applications.

Configuration :
Std suitable for Single 2.5 x 10, 20 and Jumbo suitable for Single 4.5 x 10 & 20 cartidges.

Flow per 10" :
Polypropylene / Poly carbonate/ SAN

Tremendously improved performance and enhance product life due to adoption of excellent water model. Applied to slightly corrosive medium due to flow passage parts made of stainless steel after process of pressing and welding. Compact structure, small size, light in weight, low noise, remarkable energy saving, easy for overhaul and maintenance. Can be directly installed to main pipe because the inlet and outlet of pump are on the same horizontal line. Easy for users to choose motors because of the adoption of standards motors. To avoid damages from dry rotation, lack of electric phase, over-load etc because aptitude protector can be equipped on user’s request.

Swimming Pool Components

The wet end is made by High strength engineering plastic. And attach with Wearresisting mechanical seal. 63,71 Frame with exclusive plastic base. With low noise standard motors; Single phase motor installation Ti thermal protector. Motor adopts high temperature resistant bearing that be long life, reliable and durable. Liquid absolutely separate with shaft to keep more safe and reliable. Air switch/ pneumatic switch Is optional. insulation class F, Protection I PX5. CE, TUV, SAA certification approval.

Swimming Pool Filtration & Accessories


Water Treatment Plants

We offer extremely reliable and simplified range of Customized RO UF Plants. Being user-friendly and aesthetically excellent, these RO & UF Plants have become one of the coveted choices available in the market.

These are designed in capacities ranging between 200 LPH and 20000 LPH and ever more to suffice to the discerning needs. The well-designed pre-treatment and PLC/Controller based automation are done as per specific requirements. These are available in ‘Economy’ and ‘Premium’ versions.


CARBOMATE 45% - Biocide For Control of Bacteria & Fungal Slimes. It should be fed directly into the cannel juice so that the treated juice circulates to all parts of the mill tandem. The point or points of addition will depend on mill design. Frequently the dosage will be split between the crusher juice and the juice from the last mill. The best addition point is to juice which is circulated back to crusher to first mill. Do not add this product to the maceration water. It should be fed continuously at the rate of 10 to 20 parts of product per million parts of cane ground per day. 10 ppm of product is standard dosage. Do not use this product in beet sugar mills.

QUAT 50% - Non-Oxidizing Biocide


ANTISCALANT GENERAL - Scale Inhibitor for Sugar Mill Evaporator. It is a ready to use liquid completely miscible in water. It should be added continuously in the inlet of evaporator or prior to the pre-heater depending upon the equipment. The dosage varies between 5 to 20 ppm on cane, the exact dosage depends on several factors such as scaling potential, quality of cane processed, the quality of water used in the maceration and the heat transfer area. It can be added in multiple- effect evaporator, vacuum pans & juice heating equipment.

ANTISCALANT HIGH SILICA - High Silica Scale Inhibitor for Sugar Mill Evaporator

VISCOSITY REDUCER 50% - Oil Based Viscosity Reducer. It is a pan boiling aid in liquid form, specially formulated to reduce the viscosity of Massecuites. It can be used throughout the season. Due to the synergistic effect of the ingredients, effective reduction in viscosity is achieved at the optimum dose level.



COLOR PRECIPITATE 40%- Colour Precipitant for Sugar Remelt / Syrup. It is a highly effective surface active agent designed for improving colour of sugar remelt/ syrup in sugar mills, sugar refineries and distilleries. It also removes certain high molecular weight impurities present in sugar remelt and syrup. It helps to convert impurities into primary flocs in the subsequent process of phosflotation.

We also supply water treatment chemicals and spares of Reverse Osmosis & other water treatment systems.

When you choose INDION Resins, you are assured of the best - pioneering expertise and our proven performance

    With 40 years of expertise in the manufacture of ion exchange resins to international standards, we are positioned as the market leaders in India.
  • Complete Range of gel, isoporous & macroporous cation and anion exchange resins for water and waste water treatment as well as specially applications
  • All backed by innovation, quality and service, sustained R&D, state-of-the-art ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certified fully automated manufacturing facility, FDA approved pharmaceutical grade resin manufacturing facility.
  • INDION resins not only dominate the Indian market but are also exported widely, to USA, UK, Europe, South East Asia, Japan as the preferred choice.

Applications :

  • Industrial Water Treatment
  • Potable Water Treatment
  • Nuclear Grade Resins
  • Catalyst Grade Resins
  • Hydrometallurgy
  • Chemical Process Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Resins
  • Adsorbent Grade Resins

Ion Exchange Resin Rapid X