Rapid - X

Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

Rapid-X C25 Na Strong Acid Polystyrene-type Cation Resin


  • High exchange capacity
  • Uniform particle with good hydraulics characteristic
  • High mechanical strength
  • Good therm-tolerant characteristic
  • Good selectivity
  • Excellent physical and chemical stability


Polymer StructureStyren-DVB
Functional groupHSO3-
AppearanceLight brown bead
Ionic formNa+ type
Total exchange capacity≥ 4.5 mmol/g(dry) (Na+ type)
Total exchange capacity≥ 1.9 mmol/ml (Na+ type)
Moisture content46-50% (Na+ type)
Density1.25-1.29 g/ml (Na+ type)
Shipping weight0.77-0.87 (Na+ type)
Particle size0.315-1.25 mm ≥ 95%< 0.315 mm ≤ 1%
Effective particle size0.40 – 0.60 mm
Uniformity coefficient≤ 1.7
Attrition rate≥ 90%
Swell, MaxNa+ -H+ 10%

Operation Parameters

Operating temperature, Max.120 °C
Bed depth, Min.800 mm
Service flow rate5-25 BV*/h
Service flow rate, Max.40 m/h
RegenerantNaCl | HCl | H2SO4
Consumption (as 100%)80-220g/l | 50-150g/l | 80-240g/l
Concentration5-10% | 5-8% | 0.7-6%
Flow rate2-8 BV*/h | 2-5 BV*/h | 2-20 BV*/h
Contact time, Min.30 min
Slow rinse2 BV* (Regeneration flow)
Fast rinse4-8 BV* (Service flow)
Note : 1BV=m3 media/1m3 resin